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Home Defense : CQB - Pistol


Advanced Training

Next Class : Nov 18th - CLASS FULL

Home Defense : Close Quarter Battle (CQB) - Pistol

9am - 2pm

Includes 1-on-1 instruction by Nationally Certified NRA and KMA Instructors

Location :

Ben Lomond Gun Club

23195 Co Rd 105 Ramah, Colorado 80832 US

Course Overview :

The Israeli Home Defense :  Close Quarter Battle (CQB) - Pistol Course focuses on "room entering and clearing", "shoot don't shoot", and "night evolution" exercises. Our team will take you through these situations and how to properly asses the situation, and clear a room with and without a partner. 

The main exercises will take place in our dynamic "Kill House", where students will move room to room to clear the structure while our instructors attempt to stop them!

Note : This class leverages air-soft and simunitions (simulated ammunition) in "live fire" exercises to fully simulate the tense and high stress environment CQB pertains too. Our "Kill House" will employ loud noises, jump scares, low light, and active resistance, inform instructors of  any health concerns or limitations.  

Key Benefits :
One on One Instruction: Students are paired with an instructor for the entire class who will work with you to fine tune your movements for safe, proper and accurate engagement using your firearm

Beyond "Concealed Carry" training :

No matter if you carry concealed or not, many ranges do not allow you to practice real-world engagement scenarios. Our team will teach students how to respond to a threat and how to handle loved ones during such an event

Proven Technique :

The Israeli model is a constantly evolving model that adapts to changes in the real world. The Israeli's are masters in self-defense and anti-terrorism techniques, both with weapons and with hand-to-hand combat

You Will Learn :

  • Advanced barricade and obstacle shooting

  • Close contact threat and extreme close range shooting

  • Threat identification and Shoot - don't - shoot

  • Tactical hallway and room clearing 


Instructors will take you through live fire drills :

  • Hallway and Room entering and clearing (both solo and in pairs)

  • Proper doorway positioning and shooting

  • Shoot don't shoot exercises 


What you will need :

  • Striker Fired Pistol 

  • Handheld or Pistol mounted Flashlight

  • Belt for holster and mag holders

  • Pants with Belt Loops

  • Leg or Hip holster for your pistol

  • 3 Magazines for your pistol

  • 2 Magazines holster

  • 300 Rounds of ammo for your pistol

  • Knee Pads

  • Eye Protection (Prescription or sunglasses are OK)

  • Ear protection (Must be rated for gun fire)

  • Shooting gloves 

  • Sunscreen or a hat

Students who complete the course will receive an official Certificate of Completion from Strong Warrior. 

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