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Israeli Combat Shotgun

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Foundational Training

Next Class : July 30th (Last Shotgun Class of 2022!)

Israeli Combat Shotgun

6 - 8 Hours / Full Day Course
Includes 1-on-1 instruction by Nationally Certified NRA and KMA Instructors

Recommended Classes

While not required, we do recommend students take our foundational Israeli Self Defense Pistol class first

Location :

Ben Lomond Gun Club

23195 Co Rd 105 Ramah, Colorado 80832 US

Course Overview :

Shotguns are a common, affordable, and effective defense option. Our Israeli Combat Shotgun class begins with an overview of the different types of shotguns and shells available and their differences. Next we will cover proper and safe handling, charging your shotgun and dealing with malfunctions. Our goal with this course is to teach our students to be comfortable, understand safety and be trained in the unfortunate event that they do have to pull or use their weapon. We believe that it is your responsibility to be trained to understand the law and how use to your weapon.

Key Benefits :
One on One Instruction: Students are paired with an instructor for the entire class who will work with you to fine tune your movements for safe, proper and accurate engagement using your firearm

Beyond "Concealed Carry" training :

No matter if you carry concealed or not, many ranges do not allow you to practice real-world engagement scenarios. Our team will teach students how to respond to a threat and how to handle loved ones during such an event

Proven Technique :

The Israeli model is a constantly evolving model that adapts to changes in the real world. The Israeli's are masters in self-defense and anti-terrorism techniques, both with weapons and with hand-to-hand combat

You Will Learn :

  • Identify your Target location

  • React towards your Target (front, side, behind you)

  • Proper Stance

  • How to Rack and Properly Aim your weapon 

  • How to properly identify gun malfunctions and how to deal with each type

  • How to perform tactical and combat loads


Instructors will take you as team through:

  • Shooting standing

  • Shooting kneeling

  • Shooting while walking

  • And more...

What you will need :

  • Tactical Shotgun (Pump action required) - Hunting Shotguns/Over & Under, or Mag Fed are not applicable

  • Shotgun shell holder:​

    • Buttstock shell holder

    • Side saddle​

    • Chest shell holder

    • Sling with shell loops

  • 100 shells for your shotgun (We recommend high brass shells)

  • 2 Knee Pads

  • Eye Protection   (Prescription or sunglasses are OK)

  • Ear protection   (Must be rated for gun fire)

  • A Packed lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks


Students who complete the course will receive an official Certificate of Completion from Strong Warrior. 

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