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We believe in helping people develop the skills to safely and efficiently protect those important to them. Be it your family, co-workers, or members of the community, we specialize in practical but approachable courses, ensuring you are prepared for any event.  

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The Israeli Combat System

Since its origins in the 1930s, Krav Maga has been focused on extreme efficiency while defending in real world scenarios. Born from necessity to defend the Jewish population in Czechoslovakia from fascists, Krav Maga offers easy yet devastating techniques to those looking to protect themselves and those around them. However, Krav Maga extends past hand to hand combat, and we are proud to also offer firearm, knife, executive protection, and medical training adapted from the Israeli Defense Force for civilians and first responders. 



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Jan 13th
Israeli Defensive Tactical Pistol (Lvl 2)

The Israeli Home Defense :  Close Quarter Battle (CQB) - Pistol Course focuses on "room entering and clearing" and "shoot don't shoot" exercises. Our team will take you through these situations and how to properly asses the situation, and clear a room with and without a partner. 


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